Meet Kevin


A homeschool dad and public school art teacher for 25 years, I’ve been an artist all my life. I see my creativity and artistic skills as a gift from God. “Artists can do anything” is a declaration I stand by wholeheartedly for each of my students.

My creativity was fostered by my parents daily exhibiting it in their careers, hobbies and goat dairy farming. Drawing Peanuts characters, Garfield and He-Man fan art in my youth, building with legos and avidly consuming science fiction filled my mind with imaginative visions. A rich creative education and travel experiences to India, building a school in Africa and an orphanage in Guatemala gave me a clearer picture of my place in this wide world.

I want to help students understand and reclaim visual art for the glory of God. My teaching is a structured approach of sharing the “magic trick” behind art techniques and encouraging students to draw, paint, design, photograph, or sculpt like a natural to develop their own voice.

My Mission

To ignite others creativity, even those who don’t think of themselves as artists. Creativity brings joy and creative work follows the pattern we see around us in the natural world.

My Promise

You’ll master new skills to set your creativity loose and take your artmaking to the next level

Art Classes and bootcamps for everyone

REady to create Something meaningful?